Demonstrating the 6Cs in my service

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Yesterday we posted a new page on the website describing how the 6C’s, are values and behaviours and many consider these fundamental constructs in nursing The 6C’s do not have an evidence base or audit tool as yet, and therefore are not true quality markers of a nursing service. However using the 6Cs template provided… Read more »

Nursing Times Leaders – A night to remember!

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On Monday evening the Nursing Times, in conjunction with NHS Employers, announced the Nursing Leaders Supplement, which celebrates nurses and midwives who have been pioneers, entrepreneurs and inspirational role models to their profession. Apollo was very privileged to attend the event as both Dr Alison Leary and Dr Terri Porrett were included in this supplement…. Read more »

Exploring new territories – Annie Coops

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Following on from the theme of the digital age, I was enthused and inspired by a blog I read by Annie Coops. Recently acknowledged by the HSJ and NT as a Social Pioneer, Annie talks about the untapped potential she believes that social media offers nurses. I particularly liked her view that Social Media can break… Read more »

Social Media and the Digital Age

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Sometimes, just sometimes, nurses need motivational support, encouragement and inspiration, because sometimes, just sometimes, the emotional impact of the roles they do takes its toll. The British Association of Urological Nurses (BAUN) produces an information newsletter. In the spring edition my attention was drawn to a column written by Jane Brocksom. Jane is the SoMe Officer for… Read more »

Britains nurses

The Digital Age

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Apollo Nursing is a digital resource for Specialist Nurses, but do we really understand the potential impact of Digital health in the future of healthcare and the impact it will have on specialist nursing service delivery? Britain’s Nurses ( is producing a series of step by step guides to enable you to make sense of… Read more »


Anniecoops blog – On being a ‘hard done to’ bottom

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Organisational theory – yes I know, like me your eyes are probably glazing over already but bear with me! Annie Cooper has written a really easy to read blog and explains that  people in organisations adopt predictable patterns of behaviour, describing top, middle and bottom behaviours. When reading this I couldn’t help but reflect on my… Read more »


He’s at it again!

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Interesting blog about the specific days/weeks used to raise public awareness. Not usually a fan of these PR events, Roy Lilley uses the opportunity of Parkinson’s Awareness week to shout out about the value of specialist nurses  and cautions that ‘Specialist nurses are becoming rarer; Band 7 and 8 nursing posts have been disproportionately targeted… Read more »


Anniecoops blog – Nursing, research, knowledge and practice

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In nursing literature much is made of the theory practice gap, and the problems translating evidence into clinical activity. In her recent blog, Anniecoops explores the issue and proposes ‘knowledge brokers’ to support the transfer of evidence into practice. A thought provoking read, isn’t this an area in which specialist nurses could potentially support evidenced… Read more »


Speaking up for specialist nursing

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Many specialist nurses don’t speak up about the great things they do, about the compassion and care they provide to their patients or the innovative ways in which they deliver care to patients within their specialist service. We believe we should be doing this, and the resources on Apollo are there here to help nurses… Read more »

Blue sky thinking

A blue sky with no balloon?

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The theme ‘Blue Sky Thinking’ is enough to get anyone blogging for the first time. As a clinical nurse researcher I not only have the moral responsibility to meet patient’s needs, but also the insight to identify the potential ethical dilemmas that exist. The nursing sky is essentially blue for me, but still lacks something;… Read more »