If you would like to use Cassandra please download the instructions here

You may find it easy to print off this blank Cassandra-sample to use during your day for data collection. Once you have entered your information, you can copy each chart as an image into a Word or PowerPoint document for your report.

PLEASE NOTE: You can download and print any data you add to the Cassandra app, but you cannot save data to the app. If you want to save data, please go to the version hosted on Alison Leary’s website.

Enter your scores in the boxes provided below

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  Inpatient Outpatient new Outpatient follow up Paper/virtual clinic Telephone clinic/response Specialist area Community
Physical Assessment
Symptom control (generalist)
Symptom control (specialist)
Requesting investigations
Performing procedures
Rescue work (physical/drugs/iatrogenic)
Promoting self management
Psychological assessment
Anxiety management
Supporting clinical choice and meeting information needs
Psychological rescue work
Dealing with distress
Communicating significant news
Chasing up/non clinical admin
Clinical admin
Physical Total:
Psychological Total:
Social Total:
Case Management Total:
Admin Total:
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