Annual Report

quote_annualreport2Annual reports are a good and very conventional format for communicating the sum of your activity.

You also do this using the service summary but if you want to tell a fuller story or your service is very complex the annual report will allow you to include more detail.

You can use this annual report template to help you create your own! The template is an example using both continence and stoma care references. The first time you write an annual report you may not have huge amounts of evidence to put in it and that’s ok. Using snapshots of one or two weeks’ clinical activity or using one patient case history to demonstrate cost effective expert care is perfectly acceptable. If you work in a team, involve the whole nursing team in the report and ask them to contribute to it.

Sitting down to write an annual report can seem daunting. A tip to make annual report writing easier is to keep a blank Word document on your computer desktop. Every time you do something such as take part in a study session, doing some teaching or receive some really good patient feedback or anything else that shows what you do then record it on the blank document. After a year you will have  accumulated useful things to put into your annual report without having to search too hard through diaries or emails!

You can view an Annual Report Example here.

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