“Depicts the reach and scope of your service in a graphic way” -

Integrated Service Pathways

An integrated pathway is a way in which you can graphically demonstrate the scope of your services and how they impact on the patient’s pathway.

Service pathways have been used within Stoma Care and Colorectal Nursing services since 2010 when they were used in the High Impact Actions Booklet.  In the example used within this document the patient’s pathway is depicted alongside the nurse led interventions throughout the pathway. Each nurse led service has a notation which identifies which High Impact Action the service is achieving or supporting. For your individual service you could also reference key areas of NICE Guidance relating to your area or aspects of the NHS Constitution.

A service pathway, presented on one page, visually supports and validates the information provided within your job plan and Service Summary.

Every nurse led service will be configured differently but drawing up your service pathway is fairly straight forward and a template and example are given here:-