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New Additions to Apollo

This Apollo Nursing Resource is an online resource to help the specialist nurse community communicate their work to others for the benefit of patients.

We have had many requests to change both the Job Planner and Service Summary documents from downloadable PDF’s to editable Word documents. We have listened to you, understood that it means that you could  download and save your documents and then add any additional text and information. Our response is clear, if it makes things easier for you, we will do it.

From today both the Job planner and Service Summary can be saved to your computer in word format. We hope you find that being able to alter and further personalise your work is helpful. Also we have added definitions to some of the terms found under the ‘What you do’ section of the job plan to aid your selection of the most accurate activities. When you place your cursor over the activities and hover,  short definitions will appear within a second or so.

Please do let Terri know what you think or any other suggestions you might have.

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