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Apollo’s remit, it’s raison d’être, is to support specialist nurses speak about the value, impact and outcomes of the services they provide for patients.

Last week I read an editorial in an international journal which particularly resonated with me. The editorial, in the International Journal of Urological Nursing, written by Jerome Marley, explores the ‘lens’ through which nurses see their clinical world. Given my love of all things photographic, I particularly enjoyed reflecting on the variety of perspectives different lenses give us and the view an individual might have depending on their own personal lens. For example, nurse specialists will have an in depth and detailed view of their service (a telephoto lens) but will also have individualised clinical insight into their service users needs (a macro view). You could argue that many nurses and managers may be using a wide angled lens and have a more generalised or broad view of clinical needs. There is no right or wrong lens for exploring clinical service needs, in fact all are necessary to give a clear picture from a nurse, patient and organisational perspective (panorama).

coverEnsuring all Nurse Specialists and their managers have the same panorama, a shared vision, is essential but can prove challenging. In the editorial Jerome Marley explores the resources and evidence available to facilitate our creation of a more ‘effective worldview’ of nursing, citing work from Lilley (2014), Aitken et all (2014) and the Apollo Nursing Resource (2014).

So please have a read here, reflect on your personal lens and how you might share your world view of your service. Apollo is keen to know and understand how we can work together to develop a clear, focused panorama of your service.

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