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The theme ‘Blue Sky Thinking’ is enough to get anyone blogging for the first time.

As a clinical nurse researcher I not only have the moral responsibility to meet patient’s needs, but also the insight to identify the potential ethical dilemmas that exist. The nursing sky is essentially blue for me, but still lacks something; the hot air balloon.

Silent and easy

The hot air balloon within my blue sky signifies an idea. I have lots of balloons, all different colours and sizes, but sadly many of them are grounded. This is not through time or funding necessarily, as like many other dedicated nurses, I freely give my own time to the vocation. My balloons are grounded through the inability to fly, the belief, the confidence. And although I have flown other aircraft (let us refer to them as research papers and abstracts) they often have a set flight path to dissemination. The balloon has a mind of its own, it flies where the wind takes it and perhaps that is why my balloon basket still remains in the field. How do we as specialist nurses fly beyond the set boundaries? For example, how do we effectively share ‘real life’ research (implementation work)? What prevents nurses from flying into the unknown?

Destination cloud 9

This week @ApolloNursing discusses the concept of ‘Blue Sky Thinking’, the creative ideas limited by current thoughts and processes. I might suggest the ideas are already there, but as yet we lack the forum to fly. @ApolloNursing has the rocket power to change this and to nurture the pilots of varied aircrafts. Mine is the balloon and suited to my nature. It is gentle, easy and seeks the exquisite freedom of the blue sky. My balloon will fly….I just need the confidence to light that match.

by Emma Vincent

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